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Developing custom solutions from local resources is core to ContourGlobal's approach. Project KivuWatt is a prime example of this innovative thinking in action.

26 MW
  • KivuWatt Asset Barge

Engines Plant in Rwanda

For decades, Rwanda’s Lake Kivu, with its high concentration of methane and carbon dioxide, was seen as a risk due to its potential for toxic release. Today, our team is focused on extracting methane from the lake to generate electricity that will expand household access to power, lower costs, and reduce environmental hazards. The first phase of this project is powering three gensets to produce 26 MW of electricity for the local grid. The next phase of this project will deploy nine additional gensets at 75 MW to create a total capacity of over 100 MW for this high-growth country.



  • ContourGlobal KivuWatt Place
    KivuWatt - Plant
  • KivuWatt Asset Barge 4
    KivuWatt - Barge on Lake Kivu
  • ContourGlobal KivuWatt Work
    KivuWatt - Work

Priysham Nundah, COO Africa & Solutions Business Europe/Africa:

“In the heart of Africa, the nature offers us a sustainable and renewable energy source. We offer the opportunity to use it for the present and future generations.’’

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ContourGlobal - The sites of Lake Kivu
The sites of Lake Kivu

How we work with our neighbors in Rwanda:

  • Teaching local communities how to become more sustainable through farming and/or fishing best practices
  • Delivering awareness campaigns to Kibuye community, for example, about reducing and reversing the spread of HIV/AIDS and other major diseases
  • Testing water quality and donating wood materials for the American Refugee Camp
  • Refurbishing schools and building the first library at the Gasura primary school
ContourGlobal KivuWatt Neighbors