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Health & Safety

Caring about our people’s health, safety, well-being and development, and that of those connected to our business underpins everything we do.  We believe that all injuries are preventable if we apply a 24/7 approach to health and safety. We do not recognize success in our operational or financial performance if we have not successfully achieved our health and safety targets. All business decisions require consideration of health and safety implications.

Value Safety, Value Life

In 2017 we announced the most important safety initiative in our 12 year history – Target Zero which is our commitment to work with zero injury or harm in all of our businesses. 

All ContourGlobal businesses around the world adhere to the same set of health and safety standards, regardless of whether the laws of the country where the business is located are up to our standards or not.  We insist on this, not only with our own people but anyone that works for us in any capacity. This certainly makes it harder to achieve our bold objectives – the reality of the world is that the expectations about health and safety are not at the level they need to be everywhere. But inside our facilities, we expect and apply the same high standards regardless of location.

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Facts & Figures

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    Loss Time Incidents in 2018

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    of working hours to qualify our employees in 2018