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We are present in 19 countries all over the world

Timeline of Achievement

We have executed, and continue to execute, our strategies across three core regions: Europe, Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa.

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Creating Value

We have a strong track record of creating value through developing greenfield assets and integrating acquisitions where ContourGlobal has a competitive advantage and can deliver significant operational value.


January 2019
Reached agreement with Alpek S.A.B de C.V to acquire Alpek’s portfolio of two natural gas-fired combined heat and power plants with a gross installed capacity of 518 MW
December 2018
Signed the sell down of 49% of our Spanish CSP portfolio
October 2018
Completed the sell down of 49% of our Slovakian and Italian solar portfolio
May 2018
Successfully completed the acquisition of Acciona Energía's 250 MW portfolio of five 50 MW Concentrated Solar Power plants in South-West Spain
March 2018
Completed acquisition of 15 MW solar and 2 MW biogas portfolios both located in Italy
December 2017
Completed acquisition of 19 MW solar portfolio in Italy
March 2017
Acquired a 206 MW portfolio of hydroelectric and high-efficiency cogeneration power plants from Neoenergia in Brazil
October 2016
Completed and commissioned the 33 MW Cap des Biches plant expansion
October 2016
Completed refurbishment and commenced commercial operations of our Cap des Biches plant
December 2015 – March 2016 
Extended our Chapada Complex with commercial operations of our Chapada II (173 MW) and Chapada III (59 MW) wind farms in Brazil to reach a total installed capacity of 438 MW
December 2015
Signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Senegalese Government to begin construction of a 33 MW expansion for the Cap des Biches plant
July 2015  
Completed acquisition of Vorotan, a 404 MW hydroelectric plant in Armenia—one of the largest power generating facilities in Armenia and the Caucasus.
July 2015
Commenced commercial operations of our Chapada I wind farm in Brazil with total installed capacity of 205 MW
January 2015
Began construction of a fuel oil power plant on the existing GTi Dakar site (Cap des Biches) with installed capacity of 53 MW
October 2014 – January 2015  
Acquired two portfolios of operating wind farms in Austria and solar plants in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, with total installed capacity of 191 MW
August 2014
Completed construction and achieved COD for the Inka plants in Peru.
September 2013
Commenced commercial operations of our Asa Branca wind farm in Brazil with total installed capacity of 160 MW
March 2013
Acquired the Gti Dakar asset with plans for refurbishment in Senegal
Acquired two large assets—Maritsa, a 908 MW lignite fired power plant in Bulgaria, and Arrubal, an 800 MW combined-cycle gas turbine plant in northern Spain
Made a series of acquisitions from European utilities and developers in the Caribbean, including a wind, diesel and fuel oil plant in Bonaire, a diesel plant in the French West Indies and solar facilities in Italy.
2010 to 2013
Successfully placed the PPAs for a 160 MW wind complex of five adjacent wind farms (Asa Branca) and a 12 MW run-of-river hydroelectric plant (Galheiros) into the renewable auction in Brazil.
Acquired a minority stake in a 240 MW combined-cycle dual fuel plant in Colombia (TermoemCali)
Completed construction and commenced commercial operations in of Sao Domingos II
2008 to 2009
Rehabilitated a 120 MW combined heat and power plant (Kramatorsk) in Ukraine
2007 to 2013
Pursuant to an arrangement with Coca-Cola Hellenic (“CCH”), developed, constructed and placed into operation inside-the-fence cogeneration facilities in a number of countries in Europe and Africa (CG Solutions)
Began development of a 25 MW run-of-river hydroelectric facility in Brazil (Sao Domingos II and purchased a 165 MW minority stake in a coal-fired plant in Colombia (Sochagota)