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Enabling Continuous Learning: Cap de Biches

At ContourGlobal Cap des Biches we expect, embrace and enable excellence in Power Plant operation; we compel ourselves and our colleagues to it. Often excellence sounds as a tired and worn out buzzword: to learn the ContourGlobal Cap de Biches way.

  • Cap des Biches and its environment
    Cap des Biches - Construction

Cap de Biches (CdB) is an 86 MW combined cycle facility consisting five HFO fired diesel engines and a steam turbine, located on the Atlantic coast in proximity to Dakar. This Power Plant is constructed under a third-party EPC contract, financed by OPIC and IFC.

At CdB we expect to find in each colleague a teacher and learning partner, as to achieve excellence we need hard work; to strive for excellence in our business and lives, we made of CdB our permanent learning facility, in an incessant quest for learning.

The first lesson that we understood is that to learn we need to fail, and by failing we accumulate precious experiences. To handle failure, we need humility, to prevent failure you need humility, to learn from failure, we still need this virtue. In front of a huge scope as running a Power Plant we feel annihilated, but we own the key of understanding: humility. We start our days knowing that we will fail but also that when we do, we will learn.

Our flexicylce®, recovering energy from exhaust gas, is a complicate and rare solution but we finally mastered it. It took mistakes and humility to understand how to operate it at the top of its possibilities, increasing efficiency and heat rate.

We seek excellence by always looking for new and innovative ways to reduce our environmental impact: we developed an operation strategy to increase the efficiency of the combined cycle condenser, and we improved the monitoring of our engine performance to reduce the fuel consumptions. We also dedicate extreme care to the sludge treatment to save chemical product and reduce our environmental footprint.