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Community Engagement

Our mission is to improve lives by offering reliable and accessible electricity, to promote economic growth and social well-being through the elimination of poverty, and to make the places where we work better because we are there. To accomplish this, we are committed to engaging and consulting all relevant stakeholders, including communities and investing in social projects.

Social Investment

Our Social Investment Strategy, provides guidance to our businesses on the successful implementation of such projects. The key factors for assessing and managing the social environment where we work successfully are:

  • Enlist the communities, where our businesses are inserted in, as partners in our projects
  • Understand their specific environmental needs and concerns
  • Share information about our projects,
  • Invite social dialogue and solicit ideas for creative social investments
Managing the social environment

Facts & Figures

  • 122

    social investment projects developed and completed in 2018

  • 16,000

    hours devoted to community education activities in 2018

  • 283

    ContourGlobal employees dedicated to developing and executing social investment projects in 2018

  • $2.4 million

    financial contribution to social investment projects in 2018

Agents of change

Through its Social Responsibility Management, the company establishes social projects in which the population assumes its active role as an agent of change for its own development, while the company assumes a role of the facilitator. Working for ContourGlobal during construction and operational phase of projects means: making the communities where we work better, because we are there. Ethics, transparency, respect. Respecting people, respecting differences and similarities, respecting cultures and beliefs, respecting animals, respecting the environment in which we live, respecting life.

  • Educating with local communitys
  • ContourGlobal Community Engagement - Social Responsibility Management 2
  • Educating in local communities
  • ContourGlobal Community Engagement - Social Responsibility Management 4

We educate our communities

ContourGlobal is Educating Communities
Pupils of a primary school in Sicily, Italy, show their perception of renewable and efficiency energy

We are aware of the important role played by the inhabitants of the communities in which we are operating. Our work, generating energy, benefits both the company and the community.

  • We promote cultural enhancement

  • We train and hire local people

  • We educate our communities to develop personal skills

  • We increase their knowledge about energy efficiency

Global Volunteer Day Campaign

Global Volunteer Day - Sofia Office Staff at the local food bank
ContourGlobal Sofia office staff volunteering at the Bulgarian Food Bank

In 2015 ContourGlobal launched a campaign dedicated to social purposes. In 2016, we gave continuity to this project and launched "CG Global Volunteer Day", which follows the footsteps of United Nations International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development.

Each CG Business (CG Plants and Offices) contributes with their own social projects. We aim for our volunteers to have a chance and work together on projects and campaigns promoting their contributions to economic and social development at local, national and international levels. In 2016, ContourGlobal Social Volunteer activities were related to the topic “Promoting and Improving Universal Health”.

As a great example of social proactivity and volunteering stewardship, CG Sofia Office Staff, from Bulgaria, adhered to 2016 CG Global Volunteer Day. On December 2nd, the team went proactively to the Bulgarian Food Bank to dedicated their time and energy to social ends, managing to save nearly 1,500 kg of apples and contributing to the provision of 6,700 meals of needed people.

"Assisting the sustainable development of the local community is a task of prime significance for us."

To us at Maritsa being a corporate citizen of society is not a mere word! We believe that assisting the local community is our responsibility, our duty of paramount importance. It has been 6 years since ContourGlobal’s arrival in Bulgaria and over this period our company managed to establish a number of stable partnerships, we completed a multitude of significant projects and we keep working actively to support the community in various directions.

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Alessandro Moretto ContourGlobal Plant Manager
Alessandro Moretto, Plant Manager of ContourGlobal Maritsa East TPP, Bulgaria