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We are present in 19 countries all over the world

  • Energizing the Globe

    Energizing the Globe

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About us

ContourGlobal is a growth platform for acquiring and developing wholesale power generation with long-term contracts diversified across fuel types and geographies. It was founded in 2005 by CEO Joseph Brandt and Reservoir Capital Group. We have developed the highest of operating standards and practices which we ensure are applied globally in all of our projects. Today, we are uniquely positioned to capitalize on market opportunities that rely on operators with best-in-class track records with refurbishment and development expertise.

Our Portfolio

  • 6,311

    megawatts in operation

  • 138

    powerplants utilizing a wide range of fuel types, technology and equipment

  • 20


  • 4


Renewable Generation Group

Our Renewable Energy Segment uses hydro, solar, wind and biogas to generate 1,808MW of electricity.

Explore our Renewable Generation Group plants

Renewable Generation Group Power Plant

Thermal Generation Group

Our Thermal Energy Segment uses gas, coal and oil as fuels to generate 2,509MW of electricity

Explore our Thermal Generation Group plants

Thermal Generation Group Power Plant

Our Strategy

Our Investment Strategy is focused both on underserved markets and assets at attractive values.

Our core investment strategies

We utilize three core investment strategies to create predictable long-term cash flows.


Organic Development / Extensions

  • Customized contracts with governments and utilities
  • Areas with need of reliable power infrastructure
  • Areas with insufficient capital and expertise


Operationally Driven Opportunistic M&A

  • Opportunistic M&A where CG has clear competitive advantage due to asset size, asset mix or complexity of process
  • Superior operating capabilities drive higher margin


"Greenfield" M&A

  • Purchase operating assets without contracts
  • Put in place contracts or hedge exposure resulting in contracted risk profile plus benefit of operating assets

Our Competitive Advantages

  • Exclusively focused on wholesale contracted power generation producing low-risk, long-term cash flows

  • Large global footprint diversified across geographies and technologies

  • Culture of operational excellence and safety drives top decile performance and competitive advantages

  • Ongoing industry transformation favours ContourGlobal’s disciplined, opportunistic growth strategy