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Managing Health & Safety

We manage Health & Safety at ContourGlobal with our internal audit program, a data-driven approach and by teaching and training our employees and partners.

Internal Audit Program

Internal Audit Health and Safety

One of the most important changes to our Health & Safety Management System was a significant strengthening of our existing internal audit program.

  • Opportunity Assessment

    Assess strengths and opportunities for enhancing our business’ management system

  • Risk Reduction

    Reduce risk of non-compliance with applicable regulatory and corporate standards

Employees selected to participate in the internal audit program underwent extensive training to ensure the program was implemented successfully.

By combining the dedicated professionals that manage Health & Safety on a daily basis with the cross-functional volunteers, we ensure an ample supply of personnel that can conduct these important audits.

We are data-driven

Many aspects of a well-run plant can benefit from well-developed and efficiently tailored systems. Intelex for Health and Safety and Environmental management provides a global structured facility to record environmental and Health & Safety data such as:

  • Safety hazards
  • Audits and inspections and related corrective actions
  • Health and safety, environmental or social incidents

This tool helps us maintain discipline, monitor our KPIs, retain institutional knowledge, and provide accurate internal and external reporting.

Data Driven Management

We provide guidance

Teach and Train Health and Safety

The decision to apply the highest set of Health & Safety standards consistently at all ContourGlobal businesses around the world is a noble endeavor. In order to do so, it is imperative that all employees, contractors, subcontractors, visitors, and communities understand how those standards apply. That is, everyone must speak the same Health & Safety language. Our approach to speaking the same language is to teach and train – at our plants and construction sites, in our offices, at our suppliers’ businesses, at association meetings, and at community schools and municipalities. This takes time and resources and a commitment from a broad range of ContourGlobal employees but the result – stellar Health & Safety performance – is worth the effort.

We conduct our training in a variety of formats designed to reduce workplace accidents and injuries. We take special care to ensure that our training programs are of the highest quality, meet our corporate standards, and are tailored to the needs of our business location.