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HSE Management System

This is how our Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Management System at ContourGlobal works.


Elements that refer directly to people behavior and management and overall system management tools

HSMS - Organization

1 - Vision, Policies and Principles

The ContourGlobal HSE policy is applied on day-to-day activities executed by all members of the organization. Our policy translates the principles and vision that govern the decisions regarding HSE.

2 - People Involvement and Motivation

Leadership commitment and line responsibility aligned with an organization structure focused on employee’s participation and motivation are key ingredients for a strong HSE culture.


3 - Training and Capability

Employee selection and training are basic principles to increase risk perception and capability to deal with operational hazards, and to ensure effective leadership is engaged at our sites.


4 - Performance Measurement

Continuous improvement is advanced by the establishment of performance measurements (KPI’s) focused on challenging goals and objectives.


5 - Legislation Compliance

ContourGlobal manages operations in a multitude of different regulatory jurisdictions, so our systems must anticipate and include the demands of local legislation and the overarching standards established by the global committee.


6 - Audits and Inspections

Auditing and routine inspection of our sites ensures the highest level of active management of hazards and H&S compliance.


Elements that focus on specific management process that must exist to support controlling exposures

HSMS - Process

7 - Incident Management

Although we strive for an environment where incidents are reduced due to risk mitigation methods, our organization prepares for action to all anticipated events, with a focus on command and control, as well as communication and reporting.

8 - Operational Practices and Procedures

Our Operating procedures provide clear understanding of the operational parameters and the risks to people, community and environment.


9 - Management of Change

Management of change is a tool to ensure risk reviews before any change is implemented. Changes are classified in two categories: Technology and Installation.


10 - Contractor Management

A Standard for selecting, monitoring, and evaluating contractors that include HSE requirements is followed to contract services for all ContourGlobal activities.


11 - Emergencies and Contingencies

The organization and its units have plans and preparation for an effective and standard response to emergency situations, trying to minimize the impacts on people, community, environment and facilities.


Technical elements that are required to control risks and hazards

HSMS - Technology

12 - Mechanical Integrity

A mechanical integrity program exists with management, technical and operational actions to make sure all the facility components operate properly during its life time in the same conditions they were installed or improved.

13 - Process Technology Information

A program exists by which all Process Information is updated based on the core project design data and detailed descriptions, providing the grounds for identifying, understanding and administering the risks involved and the initial steps in the systematic process safety management drive.


14 - Project Development

Basic principle for an effective process safety management is to guarantee adequate inclusion of HSE reviews and evaluations during all project development phases.


15 - Hazards and Risk Analysis

HSE risk analysis like HAZOP, WHAT IF, Preliminary Risk Reviews and Aspects and Impacts are used to identify, measure, evaluate and minimize or control risks related to processes, facilities and tasks.

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