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Environmental Responsibility

Our environmental strategy is based on minimizing environmental impacts through planning and innovation, through complying with all environmental regulations and global best practices. We are maintaining or decreasing our carbon air and waste footprint. By training and developing our workforce to understand and apply our environmental procedures daily, we are privileging an environmental prevention work mindset instead of a reactive one.

Managing environmental impacts

It is unavoidable that our activity – generating electricity – implies environmental impacts on multiple levels: air emissions, waste production, water consumption, wastewater discharges, biodiversity (flora and fauna) effects, natural resources reduction, among others. Under this context, we seek continuously and in a dynamic way, to use innovative approaches to environmental management and to plan and implement suitable environmental management systems (EMS). Every EMS we develop is appropriate and tailored to the nature and scale of each project, promoting sustainable environmental performance and leading to improved environmental outcomes.

Environmental Management Systems

Facts & Figures

  • 5,135

    environmental training hours in 2018

  • 100%

    compliance with environmental permitting and licensing in 2018

  • 217

    external reports demonstrating compliance with environmental obligations in 2018

  • 0.56

    Net CO2 emissions tonnes/MWh

Environmental stewardship

Our policy on environmental sustainability is aligned with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) Performance Standards and with United Nations Global Compact Principles. They are reflected in our core business principles, which guide our day-to-day operations and our sustainable business strategy to promote environmental stewardship:

  • Pollution prevention and abatement
  • Biodiversity conservation
  • Sustainable natural resource responsible management
Environmental Polity

"Reducing the environmental impact is part of our daily work"


In Arrúbal Power Plant our daily operation and maintenance activities are focused on reducing the environmental impact. Minimizing the consumption of energy, raw materials, emissions, discharges and generation of waste is part of our power generation strategy.

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Francisco Aguilar, Chemical and Environmental Responsible