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Solutions Africa

ContourGlobal owns two co-generation facilities, with a collective gross capacity of 19 MW, which are located within CCH bottling plants, in the regions of Benin City and Ikeja.

Solutions Plant
17 MW
  • ContourGlobal Benin City Nigeria
    Benin City - Nigeria

Solutions Plant in Nigeria

CG Solutions is ContourGlobal’s business division that operates and owns inside-the-fence cogeneration facilities across several countries in Europe, Africa and Latin America. CG Solutions focuses on developing highly efficient integrated energy solutions by implementing traditional cogeneration technology (i.e., combined heat and power) and, depending on the customer, combining with chillers, CO2 extraction systems and solar roof-top panels.

Benin City

  • 7 MW

    installed capacity

  • Since 2012

    in operation


  • 10 MW

    installed capacity

  • Since 2015

    in operation