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Togo is generating its own power with a 100 MW plant using natural gas or heavy fuel oil as main fuel and diesel as backup.

Combined Cycle Gas Turbine
100 MW
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Engines Plant in Togo

In a high-growth region like Sub-Saharan Africa, energy is critical to building a stable local economy. In recent years, Togo has had one of the region’s smallest electricity supplies (85 MW) and has had to import nearly 90% of its energy from Ghana & Nigeria. Today, the country is generating its own power with a 100 MW plant using natural gas or heavy fuel oil as main fuel and diesel as backup. This “tri-fuel” approach also allows rapid switching between fuels, providing flexibility in case the primary fuel type ever becomes unavailable. Project Finance awarded us the Private Power Plant Deal of the Year in 2009, acknowledging our success increasing the country’s generation sources by over 200%. The plant is running now for more than 3 years with availability higher than 98%.

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Togo Power Plant of ISO 14001 certification

ContourGlobal Togo to manage and control its environmental impact and risks went through the implementation of ISO 14001 with BUREAU VERITAS. We got certified ISO 14001 on May 2nd 2017. This helps us formalising our process and gaining recognition for our actions.


The significant benefits for CGT are as follow:

  • Improve our image and our credibility
  • Helps us comply with legal requirements and
  • Shows our commitment regarding environment protection
  • Reinforce the continual improvement of environmental management aspects of the plant

How we work with our neighbors in Togo

  • Improving village access to potable water by installing and maintaining water pipeline & fountains.
  • Providing IT equipment to local schools and IT training to teachers and young local professionals in our on-site IT Training Center.
  • Rehabilitating the Adamavo and Nagbeni school building with furniture and lighting fixtures.
  • Supplying books and materials for students at the Nagbeni and Adamavo schools.
  • Building additional classrooms to accommodate more students at the Adamavo and Nagbeni schools.
  • Installing solar panels at schools and health centers in rural areas not on the electrical grid
ContourGlobal School Kids in Togo