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“In the heart of Africa, the nature offers us a sustainable and renewable energy source. We offer the opportunity to use it for the present and future generations.’’ 

- Priysham Nundah, COO Africa & Solutions Business Europe/Africa

  • ContourGlobal - The sites of Lake Kivu
    The sites of Lake Kivu

Between Rwanda and the DR of the Congo, a unique and very peculiar lake contains a natural and immense power source. This lake is Lake Kivu, and this energy source is the methane gas. The methane is naturally produced by the photosynthetic activity of the algae and, for 1000 years, it accumulates in the bottom of the lake.

Since 2016, KivuWatt extracts this energy source in an environmental friendly manner and generates 26 MW of electricity for local populations. The high efficiency of the process and the renewable character of the energy source make this project an example of the sustainable exploitation of an energy source helping the development of present and future generations for Rwanda and the neighboring countries.