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Our KivuWatt project in Rwanda is the only gas/water extraction project currently operating in the world.

  • ContourGlobal KivuWatt - Innovative Technologies

Commissioned in December 2015, the innovative project utilizes potentially deadly methane gas found in Lake Kivu’s deep waters to generate electricity.  The Gas Extraction Facility (GEF), located 13km from the shore and tethered to the bottom of the lake, extracts gas by bringing gas-laden waters from 35 bars to 2 bars of pressure via a gas separator where gas bubbles are extracted from the water. Raw gas is then washed in four wash towers, ultimately producing clean methane gas. This gas is transported to the power plant through a pipeline and at the power plant, combustion engines generate electricity to be supplied to the Rwanda energy grid.

  • KivuWatt Project in Rwanda

  • KivuWatt Extraction Process
    KivuWatt Extraction Process

KivuWatt is the only one of its kind in the world. Lake Kivu has been known as the “killer lake” due to huge amounts of biogas trapped under a layer of heavy water containing minerals washed out of the nearby volcanos. When the gas concentration gets too high, or the lake is hit by one of the regular earthquakes in the region, the gas can be released, posing a threat to the people living in the vicinity.

By tapping these gas resources, ContourGlobal is making Lake Kivu a safer place, while at the same time utilizing the trapped methane gas for much needed power generation. KivuWatt’s gas extraction facility, moored 13 km from Lake Kivu’s Kibuye shore line, sits on a barge anchored 13 km off-shore.

In addition to gas extraction and power generation, ContourGlobal is also engaging with the local population, training and developing local workers and funding charitable projects such as providing a library and computers at Kibuye schools.

  • ContourGlobal - The sites of Lake Kivu
    The sites of Lake Kivu
  • ContourGlobal - Working to improve local communities
    Working to improve local communities
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    Our plant