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This unique facility includes 28.5 MW of thermal generation, wind power contributing 11.1 MW, a modern Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) providing 14 MW, and a recently commissioned 5.3 MW Solar PV farm, culminating in a net peak capacity of 58.9 MW.

Engines Plant
Dutch Antilles
58.9 MW
  • ContourGlobal Bonaire Hybrid Power Plant Extension Inauguration

  • Contour Global Bonaire Plant
    Bonaire - Plant

Bonaire Hybrid Hub

The Bonaire Hybrid Power Hub is a baseload facility for the island’s distribution company, Water en Energie Bedrijf Bonaire (WEB) and is the sole supplier to the island’s 16,500 inhabitants.

Utilizing wind, solar, diesel and batteries is a major advantage, as the triple generation types complement each other to provide reliable electricity supply, with the support of battery energy storage.

Being the sole generator of electricity in the island, ContourGlobal supplies power 24/7, 365 days per year and plans to expand its installed capacity to meet the island’s fast growing energy demand.

Through the cooperation with the Dutch Government, local authorities and communities, ContourGlobal is committed to lead additional energy transition initiatives, pursuing our commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and contributing to global efforts to keep planet’s warming below 1.5°C.

  • ContourGlobal Bonaire Wind Turbine
    Bonaire - Wind Turbine
  • ContourGlobal Bonaire Wind Turbine 2
    Bonaire - Wind Turbine
  • ContourGlobal Bonaire
    Bonaire - Wind Turbine
  • Bonaire Thermal Engines
    Bonaire Thermal Engines and BESS
  • Bonaire - Solar PV
    Bonaire - Solar PV