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Solar Slovakia

ContourGlobal owns ground-mounted PV solar energy plants at 32 sites in Slovakia with a gross capacity of 35 MW, each of which is operational and connected to the Slovakian national energy grid. The Slovakian Solar Plants, commenced operations between 2010 and 2011. 

35 MW
  • ContourGlobal Solar Slovakia Riecka
    Solar Slovakia - Riecka

ContourGlobal entities on the Slovak market have a commitment to be socially responsible which includes, but is not limited, to the health and safety of our people, people of our contractors and the people in the communities where we operate. Our workforce is our most valuable asset, and a constructive relationship between employees and senior management is a key component to our success. Thus, we embrace fair hiring, employee rights, training, development and retention and a positive corporate culture. 

  • ContourGlobal Solar Slovakia Budulov
    Solar Slovakia - Budulov
  • ContourGlobal Solar Slovakia Nizna Pokoradz
    Solar Slovakia - Nizna Pokoradz
  • ContourGlobal Solar Slovakia Rimavske Janovce
    Solar Slovakia - Rimavske Janovce
  • ContourGlobal Solar Slovakia Otrocok
    Solar Slovakia - Otrocok