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Solutions Europe

CG Solutions is ContourGlobal’s business division that operates and owns inside-the-fence cogeneration facilities across several countries in Europe, Africa and Latin America. CG Solutions focuses on developing highly efficient integrated energy solutions by implementing traditional cogeneration technology (i.e., combined heat and power) and, depending on the customer, combining with chillers, CO2 extraction systems and solar roof-top panels.

Solutions Plant
33 MW
  • ContourGlobal Nogara
    Solutions Europe - Nogara

Quadrigeneration Plants

Our partnership with Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company (CCH) has allowed one of our signature innovations to flourish in several countries. From Western Europe to Poland, our combined-heat-and-power plants supply CCH with energy that is more reliable and less expensive, while substantially reducing the environmental impact of its existing operations. In fact, these installations are cutting carbon emissions by more than 80,000 tons.

Quadgeneration (Ploiesti, Radzymin, Nogara and KMH) involves building a cogeneration facility at each CCH location to provide electric power, heat and steam, chilled water, and food-grade carbon dioxide. The plants use one or more simple gas engines, and capture the engine’s exhaust gas to provide heat, hot water and/or steam. Heat recovered from the engines cooling system is transformed to chilled water via absorption chiller. In parallel with heat generation, carbon dioxide is removed from the exhaust gas, cleaned, compressed and purified to beverage/food-grade quality and used to carbonate CCH’s carbonated drinks. With this technology, we are able to reduce the CO2 emissions by 95%.

CHP Oricola involves building a trigeneration facility at this CCH location to provide electric power, heat (hot water and steam), chilled water. 

In addition to providing these environmental benefits, we have kept costs low for CCH by standardizing the design of each facility so that operations are consistent and any necessary construction can occur simultaneously in multiple locations.”


  • 6 MW

    installed capacity

  • Since 2009

    in operation


  • 9 MW

    installed capacity

  • Since 2010

    in operation

Knockmore Hill

  • 15 MW

    installed capacity

  • Since 2010

    in operation


  • 3 MW

    installed capacity

  • Since 2012

    in operation

  • ContouGlobal Oricola
    Solutions Europe - Oricola
  • ContourGlobal Knockmore Hill
    Solutions Europe - Knockmore Hill

How we work with our neighbors:

  • Donating to a local children’s cancer charity in Northern Ireland
  • Organizing plant visits for Verona high school students that provided insight on cogeneration and career opportunities in energy in Italy
  • Sponsored a local tennis tournament in Italy
  • Participating in the Zakretki Foundation’s recycling campaign, which raises money to purchase wheelchairs for disabled children in Poland
  • Environmental cleanup in Romania