While Colombia is rich in hydro, the national government wants to diversify its sources of electricity generation. Sochagota (Termopaipa IV), the country’s most technologically advanced coal-fired plant, is one element in that strategy. Owned by ContourGlobal in partnership with Steag, the Boyacá-based station, with a capacity of 165 MW, burns locally mined bituminous coal. As an indicator of the importance of thermal generation to the country’s overall portfolio, the Sochagota has a 20-year power purchase agreement with the regional energy utility Gestión Energética S.A. E.S.P and this agreement is guaranteed by the Colombian government itself. The plant has 1 pulverized-coal fired natural circulation boiler – dry ash removal (488 t/h) and 1 turbine-generator set (165 MW) and went into commercial operation on January, 7, 1999.