Using these four principles in our business strategy ensures that we make the right decisions for all of our stakeholders.

Grow Well

It is not enough for us to simply grow, we want to grow well. Here’s how we do it:

  • Developing sustainable businesses that utilize our resources efficiently to expand access to affordable energy in underserved markets.
  • Expanding our offerings by advancing ‘next generation’ renewable technologies and deploying innovative methods for energy efficiency.

Manage Our Businesses Responsibly

We are committed to managing all of our businesses responsibly by:

  • Adhering to the highest standards of corporate governance and business ethics.
  • Upholding human rights and labor principles throughout our value chain.
  • Engaging with the communities where we work by launching targeted social initiatives and ensuring the voices of all stakeholders are recognized.

Operate Safely and Efficiently and Minimize Impacts

Our success as a company depends on ensuring the best conditions for all of our operations. Here are our key commitments:

  • Providing a safe and healthy workplace that improves continuously through a rigorous audit program.
  • Minimizing our environmental impacts by complying with global best practices and maximizing innovation to decrease our local footprints.
  • Operating efficiently and reliably to meet capacity availability targets.
  • Developing and training operational teams through ongoing knowledge-sharing.

Enhance Our Operating Environment

We recognize that being a leader in our industry gives us the unique ability to impact the regulatory and public policy environment for our entire sector. We are committed to:

  • Promoting sector development by engaging local governments and regional power associations.
  • Advocating for sector reform priorities such as liberalization and transparency.
  • Training government officials to increase effectiveness of power services.
  • Building capacity in emerging countries to provide specialized technical training.
  • Educating our communities on energy efficiency and power safety.
  • Establishing strategic partnerships with governments, development organizations, and NGOs.