ContourGlobal Maritsa East 3 TPP is a 908 MW thermal power plant and is one of four power plants in south-central Bulgaria’s Maritsa East Energy Complex. ContourGlobal majority owns (73%), manages and operates this facility, the minority shareholder (27%) is  the Bulgarian National Electric Company. Similar to the other plants in the Complex, Maritsa East 3 supplies power into the Bulgarian grid where it is consumed within the country or exported to neighboring countries such as Greece, Turkey, Macedonia and Serbia.

The plant is powered by lignite produced from the state-owned Maritsa East Mines. In the first year of our management, the facility accomplished power production of over 5 Gwhr, a level not seen in over three decades. After a major refurbishment of the plant from 2004 to 2009 the plant became the first thermal power plant in all of South East Europe to meet all of the current EU Environmental standards. Further upgrades are in progress to ensure that it is also compliant with the lower allowable emissions levels to come into force in 2016.

Global Citizenship

How we work with our neighbors in Bulgaria:

  • In partnership with the municipal authorities, we are supporting services throughout the community. Projects and services include:
  • Local disabled people group
  • Youth sports clubs
  • Mentally disabled service
  • Foster care
  • Local cultural house