Peru is one of the fastest growing countries in South America and has seen rapidly expanding energy demand in recent years. To meet this demand, ContourGlobal is building the country’s first wind farm. The 113 MW Inka wind project is part of a special government effort to promote renewable energy in the country. It consists of two different sites along the northern shore of Peru, a 30.0MW Talara site located close to the city of Piura and one 83.0MW  Cupisnique site located close to the city of Trujillo. The projects have 62 Vestas  V100-1.8  wind turbines and has 20-year power purchase contracts secured at the 2010 Renewable auction promoted by the Peruvian Government. We expect energy demand in Peru to experience double digit growth in the near future due largely to the continued expansion of the mining sector.

Global Citizenship


How we work with our neighbors in Peru:

  • Developing an Ecological Center and park and providing environmental education on the use of natural resources in the dry climate
  • Constructed a playground used by over 200 children in the community
  • Donating baskets to local women for durable food storage and 200 bags of cement for a community organization construction project
  • Hosting World Environment Day for 400 local students to promote environmental awareness and tactics to avoid food waste