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Afluente G Research & Development (R&D)

According to the concession agreement, Afluente Geração must invest at least 1% of its Net Operating Revenues in Research and Development (R&D). This amount should be divided into three parts:

  1. 20% is paid to Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME);
  2. 40% is paid to a governmental fund (FNDCT); and
  3. The company itself must directly invest 40% in a R&D project, that should be submitted to the Brazilian Energy Regulatory Agency (ANEEL) analysis.


So, as the rules on ANEEL R&D Program (“Programa de P&D da ANEEL)”, Afluente G will be working on the following project:



Business model to decide upon investment in the Brazilian energy free market

Brief Description

The primary goal of the project is to create a business model to decide upon probably investment in the Brazilian energy free market. It will be done considering the best mix to compose a diversified technology assets portfolio that, combined, could mitigate the generation risks.

It will be provided optimized investments scenarios considering:

  • Available energy generation technologies;
  • Financing alternatives;
  • Energy commercialization options; and
  • Regulatory framework

Starting date

April 2018


18 months

Total investment

BRL 700.000

Expected results

A tool that helps investors in evaluating Brazilian energy free market projects is expected as such project outcome. Consequently, this project will also contribute proper to the expansion of the system generation.

Afluente Geração has 120.000 BRL to invest in R&D per year. The current (12/31/2017) amount available is about 650.000 BRL.