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First Environmental Focus Day

Under 2017 CG World Environmental Day / Environmental Focus Day scope, CG KTE team from Ukraine, went active on improving the citys ecological scenario and planned and executed multiple environmental activities.

Environmental activities at the ContourGlobal Focus Day

World Environmental Day (WED) – 2017 June 5th represents a special date worldwide, where significant initiatives are held to highlight environmental issues and also have the chance to plan and execute environmental initiatives and projects to create awareness and contribute in protecting the Environment and our Planet.

ContourGlobal, as usual and again in 2017, grabbed this opportunity and reference date and also decided to proactively contribute on improving the environment and / or minimizing negative impacts. For 2017, ContourGlobal went further than in 2016 and organized its first CG Environmental Focus Day, also integrated with 2017 WED campaign, according to UN Environmental Program (UNEP), which is dedicated to “Connecting People to Nature”.

Globally, CG Environmental Corporate team organized and conducted a webinar on June 7th, to communicate to all ContourGlobal businesses worldwide in regards of environmental aspects, significant environmental impacts and share CG global environmental performance YTD in 2017.
Additionally, each ContourGlobal business planned and executed 2 complementary actions:

  1. Perform its own 2017 WED awareness training session, addressing all business staff, and
  2. Brainstorm and execute its own environmental “get out there” project / initiative, in order to dedicate to 2017 environmental causes and contributing for a sustainable world.

Following these planned activities, KTE business in 2017, conducted multiple activities and the business conducted planting of trees and gardening maintenance activities done to green park areas of Kramatorsk city. KTE staff dedicated time, energy and efforts in mowing grass, pruning trees and bushed and cleaning flowerbeds. Additionally, KTE power plant green areas were also taken care off: staff pruned trees and shrubs, created new flowerbeds and planted new flowers as well. Finally, and also under cleaning activities, KTE environmental team also transferred hazardous waste (1-2 hazardous waste category) to final destination, through specialized waste operator company for suitable disposal / elimination process.