Being a global company means being a positive and productive citizen in every country where we operate. Expanding access to affordable, reliable energy is a mission we take to heart because we know the members of the communities we serve will benefit the most. The principles that lead our business strategy also drive our commitments to protecting the environment, working closely with local stakeholders, investing in our communities, and maintaining compliance with regulations and standards.


A sustainable power company is one that meets electricity demands while minimizing environmental impacts. We do this through a balanced energy mix and an innovative approach to environmental management. Growth in renewable technologies drive down the emissions impact of our portfolio while Quad-Generation and use of emissions reduction technologies, such as low NOx burners and Flue Gas Desulphurization, allow us to utilize gas and coal when it is the most available and economic natural resource.

Our proactive approach toward potential biodiversity impacts begins with project design, selecting run-of-river hydro facilities over large hydro in Brazil and extracting potentially dangerous methane gas in Rwanda, and extends to expansive reforestation programs in Peru and environmental education in Nigeria. Our attention to water consumption and quality and waste reduction initiatives also form part of our core environmental strategy.

As a proud member of the United Nations Global Compact, we regularly release publications that provide guidelines and updates on our systems and policies to preserve the environments in which we operate. Read our Sustainability Reports and other publications below.


Community Engagement

Assessing and managing the social environment where we work is part of our commitment to manage our businesses responsibly. We collaborate with stakeholders at each of our locations to share information about our projects, invite social dialogue, and solicit ideas for creative social investments. Our rigorous Social Investment Process ensures that our resources and expertise are used effectively to help solve genuine needs in local communities. Activities can range from hosting open houses to educate youth on how power is generated, to building parks, schools, and libraries to enhance the lives of those around us, to supporting maternal health services for women and children in our local communities.

Read about how we work with our neighbors in AfricaLatin America, and Europe.



Integrity and professionalism are two of our core values, and ContourGlobal is committed to engaging in ethical business practices wherever we operate.  ContourGlobal has a strong, independent Compliance function that implements and oversees its corporate compliance program and related policies and procedures.  The program is designed prevent violations of law and company policy, including the Company’s anti-corruption policy, by Company employees and third parties performing services on our behalf.  It is also focused on compliance with our Code of Conduct and related topics, including financial integrity, competition and fair dealing, and conflicts of interest.  We insist that all of our employees and third party providers to comply with our Compliance policies and procedures and all applicable laws and regulations as part of their obligation to conduct themselves professionally and consistent with the highest levels of integrity.

In particular, ContourGlobal has committed to fight corruption in all its forms, including extortion, solicitation, and bribery, while developing and providing power in many underserved and challenging environments around the world.  We recognize that corruption has a debilitating impact on developing countries because it undermines the rule of law, legal and political systems, and facilitates the creation or perpetuation of illegitimate forms of authority in politics, society, and the economy.  ContourGlobal is committed to improving the communities where we invest, and participating in corrupt activities would be antithetical to this commitment.

To uphold this commitment to ethical business practices, ContourGlobal delivers comprehensive compliance training to employees and select service providers, performs compliance due diligence on third parties, joint venture partners, and merger or acquisition targets, monitors adherence to our policies and applicable law, and investigates and remediates any areas of concern.

Our commitment to ethical business practices includes encouraging employees and third parties to report any integrity or compliance-related concerns without fear of retaliation.  Reports may be either made directly to our Chief Compliance Officer or anonymously via the ContourGlobal EthicsLine, a multilingual service operated by Navex Global, an independent third party.