Wind turbines are the most visible signs for renewable energy projects. The green energy regulation in Austria with granted feed in tariffs makes windpower attractive and competitive in the near future. The potential for further project development for wind power is promising.

Windpark HAGN is one of the largest windfarms in the Austrian province of Lower Austria, located 40 km north of Vienna. It consists of 20 ENERCON E-82, 2,3 MW turbines with a total capacity of 46 MW.  The windfarm is connected to the medium-high voltage grid of the provincial grid company Netz Niederösterreich. The windfarm was completed in 2013 and commercial operation started at end of 2013. An opening ceremony was held on May 5th, 2014 in the Althöflein, part of one of the 4 involved muncipalities Großkrut, Altlichtenwarth, Hauskirchen and Neusiedl / Zaya. A feed in tariff is fixed for 13 years. ContourGlobal erneuerbare Energie Europa GmbH holds a 95% shre and a regional partner holds 5%.