Like traditional hydroelectric plants, run-of-river installations use water to drive electricity-generating turbines, but with less environmental impact compared to the large reservoirs. ContourGlobal estimates that Brazil has up to 10,000 MW in untapped run-of-river potential. The Galheiros 12 MW hydroelectric power plant in the state of Goiás is our second run-of-river investment in the country, with a 73.9 hectares reservoir and powered by 2 6MW turbines Galheiros is connected through a 138kV transmission line to the local distribution Substation. The project has 30 years power purchase contracts secured at the 2010 renewable auction promoted by the Brazilian Government.

Global Citizenship


How we work with our neighbors in Goiás, Brazil:

  • Providing materials for activities at a child labor eradication center. Children involved in the center’s sports, music, and recreational activities are less likely to be drawn into child labor.
  • Refurbishing a retirement home with bedding, furniture, and repairs for a healthy and safe living environment
  • Organizing a four-day Environmental Week event series with site visits and activities for 100+ area students