In May 2013, we made another key investment in the Latin American and Caribbean regions by acquiring a 24 MW integrated wind and diesel power plant on the island of Bonaire. The power plant is a baseload facility for the island’s distribution company, Water en Energie Bedrijf Bonaire (WEB) and is the sole supplier to the island’s 16,500 inhabitants. Utilizing wind, batteries and diesel is a major advantage, as the two fuel types complement each other to provide consistent access to reliable energy and the batteries ensure reliability in meeting the energy load during the transitions between wind and diesel. The diesel plant consists of five 2.85 MW MAN diesel engines each capable of operating with both heavy fuel oil and light fuel oil. The wind farm consists of twelve Enercon turbines of 900kW each and a single additional 330kW turbine. The battery storage technology consist of a 3 (three sets of batteries that can sustain up to 3MW for 2 minutes allowing to smoothly switch from diesel and wind and vice versa without causing disturbances on the island grid.